Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  • Total number of credits:
    • BA & BS: 120 credits  
    • BE: 128 credits
  • Major
  • Minor (required for College of Business only)
  • 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Completion of The Stony Brook Curriculum

The Stony Brook Curriculum is Stony Brook University's version of general education. Over the course of your four years at Stony Brook, no matter what you major in, you will need to fulfill a series of objectives that will help you develop both a broad range of skills and experiences as well as greater depth of knowledge in several areas. While you will specialize by selecting one or more major areas of study and perhaps also a minor, the goal of your Stony Brook education is for you to have the skills for life-long learning that will prepare you for whatever career or life path you choose to pursue. 

The Stony Brook Curriculum 

 Demonstrate Versatility 

  • Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Arts (ARTS)
  • Engage Global Issues (GLO)
  • Address Problems using Critical Analysis & the Methods of the Humanities (HUM)
  • Communicate in a Human Language Other than English (LANG) -- CEAS majors are exempt from LANG
  • Master Quantitative Problem Solving (QPS)
  • Understand, Observe, and Analyze Human Behavior and the Structure and Functioning of Society (SBS)
  • Study the Natural World (SNW)
  • Understand Technology (TECH)
  • Understand the Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural History of the United States (USA)
  • Write Effectively in English (WRT)

Explore Interconnectedness

  • Understand Relationships Between Technology and the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences (STAS)


Pursue Deeper Understanding (Complete 3)

  • Experiential Learning (EXP+)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA+)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS+)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM+)

Prepare for Life-Long Learning 

  • Practice and Respect Critical and Ethical Reasoning (CER)
  • Evaluate and Synthesize Researched Information (ESI)
  • Speak Effectively before an Audience (SPK)
  • Write Effectively within One’s Discipline (WRTD)

 In your first year, you will typically work on objectives from the "Demonstrate Versatility" category. Courses that fulfill the objective "Pursue Deeper Understanding" are upper-level courses numbered 200 or higher, and you will likely completed them in your sophomore or junior year.  The objectives in the "Prepare for Life-Long Learning" category are often completed within your major.  Please speak with your major advisor