An Overview of Moreau’s Sweeping Process

Prof. Emilio Vilches
Online via Zoom;


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Speaker: Emilio Vilches, Institute Engineering Sciences, Universidad de O’Higgins

Abstract: Differentialequations with nonsmooth componentsoccur in various situations. For example, they arise in mechanical systems if the effects of dry friction are included in the model or happen in the case of impacts. They are present in electrical circuits or biological systems if nonsmooth characteristics are used to represent switches. This seminar aims to introduce Moreau’s Sweeping Process, which is a class of nonsmooth dynamical systems involving normal cones to time-dependent moving sets. We review basic results, numerical methods, and practical applications in nonsmooth mechanics and electrical circuits.

The current state of research and the main challenges will be discussed. This work has been supported by ANID-Chile under project Fondecyt de Iniciación 11180098.