Fall 2019 Commencement Speech by Dr. Joseph Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell









Congratulations to the AMS class of 2019, the FIRST graduating class of AMS students here at SUNY Korea!

I want to congratulate you not only on successful completion of your AMS degrees, but on making an outstanding choice, to study Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

As an AMS major, you have learned vital skills in mathematical thinking and reasoning and have developed the ability to apply these skills to real-world problems.

Analytic problem solving is critical to the technological advances of today and of tomorrow. An AMS degree is one of the most versatile credentials any student can have, whether your interests draw you into data science, analytics and operations research, machine learning, AI, biology, healthcare, or any field of engineering or science.

You will have the foundations to be able to formulate, analyze, and solve the hardest problems facing this and future generations, including clean energy, driverless vehicles, robotics, climate change, the internet of things, fair use of AI, news, and information, and many other technologies yet to be discovered.

Congratulations too on your choice to study applied mathematics and statistics in one of the strongest and most respected programs of its kind. SUNY Korea and Stony Brook University offer one of the most popular applied mathematics programs in the world, with Stony Brook being the most prolific degree program in applied mathematics in North America.

As you continue on your journey through your education and your career in the coming years, we look forward to hearing about your continuing success and hope you look back on your time as an AMS major as one that was rewarding in preparing you for the exciting future you will surely be helping to forge for yourself and future generations.

Congratulations again on a job well done!