A Ramsey-type theorem for the matching number regarding connected graphs

Ilkyoo Choi, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
A312 Academic Building

A major line of research is discovering Ramsey-type theorems, which are results of the following form: given a graph parameter $\rho$, every graph $G$ with sufficiently large $\rho(G)$ contains a ``well-structured'' induced subgraph $H$ with large $\rho(H)$. The classical Ramsey's theorem deals with the case when the graph parameter under consideration is the number of vertices; there is also a Ramsey-type theorem regarding connected graphs. Given a graph $G$, the matching number and the induced matching number of $G$ is the maximum size of a matching and an induced matching, respectively, of $G$. In this paper, we formulate Ramsey-type theorems for the matching number and the induced matching number regarding connected graphs. Along the way, we obtain a Ramsey-type theorem for the independence number regarding connected graphs as well. This is joint work with Boram Park and Ringi Kim.