Vision of Blockchain (DLT) and Cryptocurrency

Michael Kiook Jeoung, Founder and CEO, Prosfero Group
B203 Academic Building


This seminar will help to understand how virtual assets are becoming real. The total market capitalization (market cap) of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, recently surpassing $170 billion and hitting a fresh, record high as of September 2017. In Korea, one of the biggest crypto exchange, Bithumb’s trade volume surpassed 2.5B KRW in one day. What is this phenomenon? Why are people investing in virtual asset and what it means for both technology industry and financial institutions? Moreover, how does it mean for my stake?

In this seminar, we will deliver technology concept and business case of Bitcoin and representative alternative blockchain platform, Ethereum; Understanding the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) vs. IPO vs. VC/Angel investment and crowdfunding. What exactly is blockchain/hyper ledger technology; Use cases and real-world example. Moreover, we will discuss how to valuate cryptocurrency (or can it be interpreted/measure from corporate finance view). Aside from the blockchain, AI quantitative algorithm, bots, user behavior analytics, and its application will be introduced.


The speaker info: Kiook Michael Jeoung

Founder & CEO of Prospero Group

Michael Kiook Jeoung is a technology entrepreneur. His concentration is on distributed ledger technology/blockchain platform and its application in the real world. Moreover, his business portfolio includes AI-powered quantitative/system trading for cryptocurrency and user behavior analytics powered by data analytics and deep learning. His entity and business are based in Singapore, Korea, and U.S.  

He comes from Cisco Systems, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD), Ministry of Land where he was instrumental in both private and public sector innovative initiatives for the blockchain technology(DLT), smart city, cloud platform-services, IoT and ubiquitous computing sensor network. He has 14+ years of experience in strategic consulting and has created success stories for various edge technologies and services with fundamental business framework and process. He has also worked for the advisory committee for Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Defense of Korea.